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  • Biden Administration Restores Endangered Species Act Weakened by Trump

    The Revival of Endangered Species Act Rules Under the Biden Administration: What it Means for Wildlife and Plants in the US Introduction The Endangered Species Act (ESA) is a conservation law enacted in 1973 to protect imperiled species in the United States. The Trump administration rolled back several safeguards for wildlife and plants under the […] More

  • Understanding Environmental Crime with Earth.Org

    Environmental Crime – A Growing and Lucrative Menace Introduction Environmental crime is a severely damaging, rapidly growing, and lucrative criminal endeavor that affects countries indiscriminately, impacting biodiversity, national security, and socioeconomic development. This global issue requires a comprehensive understanding of its complex nature, causes, and large-scale impacts to develop effective strategies to combat it. However, […] More

  • Ag Conservation Easement Program Boosting Environment and Economy on RFD-TV

    The Agricultural Conservation Easement Program: Preserving Farmland for Future Generations The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has recently announced the allocation of $138 million for the Agricultural Conservation Easement Program. The program aims to provide financial assistance to protect a variety of grasslands, wetlands, and farmlands through conservation easements. Protecting Prime Agricultural Land from […] More

  • Lies About Israel and Real Estate – The Jewish Link

    The Importance of Legal Expertise in Today’s Business World Introduction In today’s business world, legal expertise is a vital asset that can help companies navigate the complexities of the law. Legal knowledge can help businesses avoid costly legal battles, protect their interests, and comply with regulations. Unfortunately, many companies overlook the importance of legal expertise, […] More

  • Biden admin delays crucial climate rule: The Washington Post

    The EPA Delays Final Limits on Gas-Fired Power Plant Emissions Introduction The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced its plans to delay final limits on planet-warming emissions from gas-fired power plants, and to significantly strengthen them. This crucial rule, which is a part of President Biden’s climate agenda, may not be finalized until after November. […] More

  • US Supreme Court Hears Case That Could Impact Interstate Pollution

    Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Ohio v. Environmental Protection Agency The debate over the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2023 “Good Neighbor” plan was heard in the Supreme Court on Wednesday in the case of Ohio v. Environmental Protection Agency. The plan aimed to address air pollution in 23 states that was impacting other states located downwind […] More

  • Up and Coming Litigation Cases The National Law Review

    The Potential Impact of the Loper Bright and Relentless Cases on Environmental Law B&D presents the 2024 Litigation Look Ahead series, featuring a compilation of recently decided or pending cases that could carry significant outcomes and ramifications for current and potential clients. In this first installment, our litigation team examines two U.S. Supreme Court cases […] More

  • Florida Attorney General Fights to Keep Abortion Protections off State Ballot

    The Impact of Social Media on the Law: Balancing Freedom of Speech and Legal Responsibility Introduction Social media has revolutionized the way people communicate and express themselves. However, it has also presented complex legal challenges for individuals, businesses, and governments around the world. While social media platforms offer users the freedom of expression, it can […] More

  • California VA Clinic Accused of Endangering Wildlife in New Lawsuit

    Bloomberg Delivers Business and Financial Information Worldwide VA’s Decision to Build Bakersfield Clinic Challenged An ecologist has challenged the Department of Veterans Affairs’ conclusion that building an outpatient clinic in Bakersfield, California, doesn’t require environmental review. Shawn Smallwood informed the US District Court for the Eastern District of California that the VA executed a lease […] More

  • PFAS Companies Face Legal Firestorm in CityView Magazine

    Lawsuits Filed Against Chemical Companies for PFAS Contamination in Cape Fear River Gain Traction In recent months, a number of lawsuits have been filed against DuPont and its subsidiaries, Chemours and Corteva, by dozens of individual plaintiffs residing in the Cape Fear region. These lawsuits aim to hold the chemical companies responsible for contaminating the […] More

  • DEC Seeks Input on Proposal to Further Protect Freshwater Wetlands

    New York’s Great Outdoors and Freshwater Wetlands Protection Program New York’s Great Outdoors and Freshwater Wetlands Protection Program Discover the Beauty of New York’s Great Outdoors New York state is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty, offering numerous ways to experience the great outdoors. Whether you’re a fishing enthusiast or prefer to spend your […] More

  • Zen Gardens

    European Investment Bank supports Barbados Debt-for-Climate Swap

    Is Debt-for-Climate Swap the Future of Financing for Developing Countries? The Europeans Investment Bank Backs Barbados’ Sustainability-Linked Debt Bloomberg’s latest report showed the European Investment Bank (EIB) is supporting a new sustainability-linked debt raising endeavour for Barbados. The island nation will issue a €276M ($295M) bond and loan, whose proceeds, upon their release, will go […] More