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  • District of North Van Faces $150K Lawsuit for Alleged Flood Fault

    Shoddy utilities work allegedly causes extensive flooding in homeowner’s property Introduction An Edgemont homeowner is taking legal action against the District of North Vancouver, claiming that inadequate work on water supply lines led to extensive flooding in her home, resulting in damages worth $150,000. According to the claim filed in B.C. Supreme Court, Anna Swinton’s […] More

  • State Supreme Court to Review Decision Limiting Time Child Sex Abuse Victims Have to Sue

    Louisiana Supreme Court Set to Reconsider Child Rape Victims’ Lawsuits Background The Louisiana state supreme court is set to reconsider its decision to strike down a law that had allowed child rape victims to file civil lawsuits over long-ago abuse cases. This decision came after the Roman Catholic archdiocese of New Orleans was identified as […] More

  • “Can Trump’s Legal Fees Be Written Off on Taxes? Above the Law Investigates”

    Trump’s Legal Fees and Tax Deductions: A Comprehensive Analysis An Introduction with Disclaimers Donald Trump, the likely Republican nominee for president in the upcoming election, is facing a number of civil and criminal lawsuits containing a variety of claims. His legal fees are likely to be yuge but they may reduce his tax bill to […] More

  • Counting Trump’s Lawsuits: A Look Inside the American Judicial System

    Lawsuits Against Trump Today: A Comprehensive Overview Lawsuits Against Trump Today: A Comprehensive Overview The Legal Landscape Surrounding Donald Trump Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, is a figure of immense prominence who has found himself entangled in a complex web of legal battles. The pursuit of answers to the question of […] More