State Police Report Nearly 1000 Crashes and Over 500 DUI Arrests During Thanksgiving Holiday

State Police Report Nearly 1000 Crashes and Over 500 DUI Arrests During Thanksgiving Holiday

Opinion Editorial: Pennsylvania State Police Thanksgiving Holiday Crash Report

The Impact of Drunk Driving on Public Safety: A closer look at Pennsylvania State Police Thanksgiving Holiday Crash Report


The Thanksgiving holiday weekend is one of the busiest travel periods in the United States. Unfortunately, it is also one of the deadliest due to the increased number of car crashes caused by alcohol-impaired drivers. Recently, the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) issued a report on the 2018 Thanksgiving Holiday Crash and Enforcement, which highlights the significant number of vehicle crashes and DUI-related arrests.

What the report says

According to the PSP report, troopers investigated 979 vehicle crashes between November 22 and November 26, 2018. This resulted in four fatalities and alcohol was a factor in 73 of the crashes. In addition to this, more than 542 individuals were arrested for DUI, and more than 10,000 speeding citations were issued over the five-day holiday weekend. The report also shows that many drivers do not wear seat belts or secure children in safety seats properly.

Drunk driving is a major public safety concern

The PSP report confirms that drunk driving continues to be a significant public safety concern. This reckless behavior puts countless lives at risk, and the consequences can be catastrophic. The high number of arrests for DUI during the holiday weekend shows that impaired driving is still a prevalent issue in society. It not only endangers individuals, but it also puts other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians at risk of injury or death.

The need for stricter law enforcement and education

The PSP report underscores the need for stricter law enforcement and education on the dangers of drunk driving. It is imperative that law enforcement agencies take appropriate measures to enforce DUI laws and conduct sobriety checkpoints during holidays and other peak travel periods. At the same time, education campaigns should be intensified to emphasize the serious risks and consequences of driving under the influence. Motorists must be aware of the risks of drinking and driving and that they can be charged criminally for doing so.


The PSP report reminds us of the dangers of drunk driving and emphasizes the need for stricter enforcement and education on the subject. By ensuring that drunken drivers are brought to justice and providing awareness to general passengers, it is possible to prevent unnecessary deaths during busy travel periods such as Thanksgiving. We must continue to encourage responsible behavior among motorists and decrease impaired driving on the roads. To learn more about the Pennsylvania State Police, please visit PSP.PA.GOV.

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