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Why the Current State of Immigration Law is Failing America

As an editor for an online legal journal, I have seen first-hand the troubling effects of our current immigration system. While it is essential for our country’s success to admit new residents who will contribute to society and our economy, the current state of immigration law is failing America. Here are the ways in which our immigration law is failing and what can be done to fix it.

The Problem of Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration has always been a controversial topic, but the problem has only grown worse in recent years. The current immigration system does not provide a clear path for people to come to the United States legally, leading to desperation and a significant number of illegal immigrants who enter the country. This illegal immigration poses a severe threat to the safety and security of our citizens because we do not have a way to vet these individuals before they come into our country. They may have criminal records or intentions to do harm to our citizens, and we have no way of knowing.

Solution: Comprehensive Immigration Reform

We need comprehensive immigration reform that provides a clear path for individuals to come to the United States legally. This will reduce the number of individuals who come to the United States illegally, allowing us to focus our resources on vetting those individuals who do want to come to America. By implementing a pathway for citizenship and a system for properly vetting individuals, Congress would significantly reduce the numbers of illegal immigrants who are taking jobs away from Americans and committing crimes in our communities.

The Drain on Welfare Systems

With the influx of immigrants, both legal and illegal, taxpayers bear a considerable burden in supporting them. Numerous studies have shown that immigrants are more likely to utilize welfare programs than native-born Americans. These programs are not only costly to taxpayers but are designed to support American citizens and legal residents. They were not intended to support a large number of immigrants coming into the country.

Solution: Changes To Welfare Programs and Immigration Law

Our current immigration system and welfare programs require significant changes to alleviate the burden on taxpayers. Currently, immigrants are able to come into the country and immediately receive benefits, including food stamps and housing assistance. These programs should be reserved for American citizens and legal residents. There should be new laws in place that require immigrants to meet specific criteria before they can receive benefits. By fixing the current welfare system and immigration laws, we can reduce the number of immigrants who are draining valuable resources from our welfare programs.

The Economic Impact of Immigration

The economic impact of immigration is another critical issue that is often overlooked. While controlled immigration can provide much-needed labor to strengthen the economy and spur growth in industries, uncontrolled immigration can lead to job displacement, lower wages, and overall economic instability. There are numerous stories about immigrants taking jobs away from Americans, and at the same time, many companies are providing sponsorships for immigrants to support their visa applications, thereby bypassing American workers who may be more qualified for the position.

Solution: Visa Regulations and Workforce Development

The solution is to impose visa regulations that protect American workers. The current visa system is not working as intended, and numerous reports have shown that visas are often sponsored by companies who have a vested interest in circumventing the needs of American workers. We need to strengthen the criteria that companies must meet before they can qualify for visa sponsorships. Workforce development also plays a role. By investing in the skills of American workers, we can provide a group of individuals who are more qualified to fill open positions.


Immigration has the potential to be a valuable asset to our country, but only if it’s done in a controlled and comprehensive way. The current state of immigration law is failing American citizens in numerous ways. By implementing comprehensive immigration reform, changing welfare programs, and developing our workforce, we can create a system that protects American citizens and legal residents while also welcoming those who want to be part of the American dream.

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