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Hit and Run Charges in Arizona – Leaving the Scene of an Accident

Accidents are stressful events, no matter what the circumstances are. A hit-and-run is one of the most serious crashes in Arizona, as defined under the state’s legislation ARS 28-662.

When a motorist impacts another car, person, or property and then flees the scene of an accident, he or she can be charged with a misdemeanor or felony hit and run depending on the circumstances. 

Following an accident in Arizona, you must stop and share information with the other party, as well as alert the appropriate authorities.

If you are the victim or defendant in one of these accidents, you should contact a hit and run lawyer at Colburn Hintze Maletta.

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Hit and Run Statistics in Arizona

Car accidents are way too common in Arizona. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, there have been an average of 15,000 of these accidents in the last several years.

Fortunately, the majority of hit-and-run accidents only cause property damage. Victims of these crashes are seldom killed or seriously injured.

The most common victims of hit-and-run accidents are pedestrians and bicycles. Due to the pile-up, it is often practically impossible for the defendant to flee the scene in these cases.


Common Reasons Why Someone Might Leave the Scene of an Accident

There are a variety of reasons why a motorist would flee the scene of an accident. The following is a list of the most prevalent reasons for hit and runs.

The motorist is inebriated or under the influence. They do not want to risk further prison time as a result of a DUI conviction.
The driver’s license has been suspended. They do not want to go to jail for driving on a suspended license.
The driver is not covered by car insurance. Driving without insurance in Arizona may result in penalties.
The driver is wanted on an outstanding warrant. They do not want to be arrested by the police.
The vehicle the driver is driving is stolen.


What are the Penalties for Leaving the Scene of an Accident?

If any form of vehicular accident has occurred, it is required by Arizona law that the person who is responsible for the accident remain at the scene. They must communicate with the other party and call the appropriate authorities. Both the victim and the defendant may need medical care as a result of their injuries.

If the motorist flees the scene of the accident, they may be charged with either a misdemeanor or felony hit and run.

If the motorist flees the scene of the accident, they may be charged with either a misdemeanor or felony hit and run. The different penalties for a misdemeanor hit and run or a felony leaving the scene of an accident can be severe.

Accidents that just cause property damage have the fewest serious repercussions. If the motorist causes serious injury or death to the victim, they will face harsher consequences, including long prison terms.

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