Newsom Makes it Easier for Arizona Women to Get California Abortion

Newsom Makes it Easier for Arizona Women to Get California Abortion

Newsom Pushes Bill to Make Abortion Services More Accessible in California


Governor Gavin Newsom is continuing his efforts to support abortion rights by introducing legislation to make it easier for Arizona residents to obtain abortion services in California. This move comes after the Arizona high court upheld an 1864 abortion ban. According to Politico, the bill would permit Arizona abortion providers to obtain licensing in California under an expedited process, allowing them to treat additional patients from Arizona. The proposed legislation is set to be unveiled this week as an emergency measure with the Legislative Women’s Caucus.

Newsom Aims at Alabama

In addition to the Arizona-focused legislation, Governor Newsom is launching a new TV ad that criticizes Alabama’s abortion bill. The bill makes it a crime to help minors obtain an abortion without informing a parent or guardian, including by harboring or transporting a girl. Newsom criticized Republican-led states for imposing abortion restrictions and stated that these restrictions criminalize women’s access to reproductive care and travel.

Abortion Rights in California

Despite the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, California Democrats have acted to make the state even more of an abortion rights haven. Democrats passed a set of new laws and successfully encouraged voters to enshrine abortion rights in the state constitution. Newsom’s push for the proposed bill aligns with the Democratic Party’s plan to mobilize their voters on the issue in the November elections.


Governor Newsom’s proposed legislation aims to provide support and easy access for residents of Arizona seeking abortion services in California. His recent efforts to defend abortion rights come at a time when Republican-led states are imposing restrictions on women’s reproductive care. Democrats are looking to use abortion rights as a galvanizing issue in the upcoming elections, and Newsom is a top cheerleader for President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign.

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