Moreno Intends to Remain Stroudsburg Mayor, Calls DUI Grave Mistake – Pocono Record

Moreno Intends to Remain Stroudsburg Mayor, Calls DUI Grave Mistake - Pocono Record

Stroudsburg Mayor to stay in job despite second DUI charge

Stroudsburg Mayor Michael Moreno has announced his intention to remain in his role despite being charged with DUI for the second time. At the Tuesday, Nov. 21., borough council meeting, Borough Council President Matt Abell cited past instances where council members remained in their positions after being charged with breaking the law.

Council members charged with DUI

Former President Kim Diddio was charged with DUI in 2007 after crashing her vehicle in East Stroudsburg with a blood alcohol content more than three times the legal limit. Similarly, former Vice President Neil Allen pled guilty to heroin possession in 2013, after being caught with ten bags of heroin. While he did not attend council meetings for a while after his arrest, he continued to serve in his position.

According to Abell, elected officials who are charged with crimes can only be removed from office if they commit a felony, perjure themselves in court, or move out of the jurisdiction.

Moreno’s charges

Moreno was arrested by the Slate Belt Regional Police Department in September 2021 and later charged with DUI (highest rate of alcohol) and general impairment. The charges were his second for DUI, the first being in December 2020.

Moreno’s response

At the meeting, Moreno acknowledged his mistake and apologized for his actions, stating it was a “grave mistake” he deeply regrets. Moreno also stated he intended to stay in his position, pledging to carry out his duties as elected. Attendee Dennis McMahon called for Moreno’s resignation, to which Moreno thanked him for his comments but declined to step down.

Call for help and seeking treatment

During the meeting, Moreno addressed McMahon’s concerns and stated he would seek help for his substance use. He also clarified that his first DUI offense had occurred before he began seeking office.


While council members who have been charged with breaking the law have continued to serve in their roles in the past, Moreno’s announcement to remain in his position as the Mayor of Stroudsburg after being charged with a DUI for the second time has received mixed reactions from the community. Moreno’s pledge to receive help and treatment and his insistence on staying in his position while carrying out his duties as elected nevertheless indicates his willingness to take responsibility and his desire to continue serving the borough.


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