“Hong Kong Man Injured During Car Chase Sues Police in 2021”

"Hong Kong Man Injured During Car Chase Sues Police in 2021"

Hong Kong Man Shot by Police Files Lawsuit, Claims Negligence

Background of the Case

In a dramatic car chase that took place three years ago, a Hong Kong man was shot by police in the shoulder. The man, surnamed Hung, has recently filed a lawsuit against the force, accusing them of negligence, which caused his injuries. The police had earlier stopped his car on the suspicion that its license had expired, but he sped off with police in pursuit.

The Allegations Made by Hung

In his claim, Hung has alleged that the police acted recklessly and grossly negligently in firing at his back. He is seeking damages that reflect the “serious and grievous bodily injuries” that he has suffered and is asking for other items as well. However, the amount he is seeking has not been disclosed in the court document. At the time of the incident, Hung was aged 45 and was reportedly left in a critical condition after he underwent surgery to remove the bullet from his right shoulder.

The Video Footage

A video widely circulated at the time of the incident had tracked the course of the chase and showed two officers drawing their guns as Hung rammed his car into other vehicles after getting trapped in traffic. An officer opened fire while his colleague was seen on the left side of the car pointing his gun and smashing a window with a baton.

Legal Consequences

In October 2022, Hung pleaded guilty to five dangerous driving charges and was jailed for three years.


The case has been widely reported in the media and raises many questions about the conduct of the police in Hong Kong. While it is up to the court to determine the validity of Hung’s claim, it is clear that the incident has resulted in serious injuries to him. Given the situation, it is important that the Hong Kong police force conduct a thorough review of their procedures to ensure that such incidents are not repeated in the future.

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