Goldwater Petitions AZ Supreme Court to Safeguard Attorneys’ Right to Earn a Living

Goldwater Petitions AZ Supreme Court to Safeguard Attorneys' Right to Earn a Living

How Goldwater Petitions to Bolster Constitutional Rights and Remove Burdens for Arizona Lawyers

The Current Scenario

Under the U.S. Constitution, every American has the right to practice their profession, free from excessive government regulations. However, it appears that the State Bar of Arizona has oppressive rules that violate lawyers’ First Amendment rights. Additionally, the bar makes it complicated for attorneys to earn a living.

Lawyers are one of the most significant parts of the legal system. They help individuals, corporate clients, and even their peers navigate the mysteries of the law. In Arizona, as a condition for the practice of law, every lawyer is compulsorily required to join the State Bar of Arizona and pay annual membership fees for activities that are unrelated to regulating the legal profession.

The Problem

The current issue is that compulsory bar associations like the State Bar of Arizona often take up the role of a trade association or special interest group instead of purely being an administrative body for the regulation of lawyers. The funds collected from the membership fees of attorneys are used for many extraneous and sometimes ideological activities that impose on their First Amendment rights. These activities, which lack any connection with the practice of law, include arts competitions, social media posts about trivia, memes, and coloring pages, trivia nights, movie clubs, picnics, and self-kindness and wellness tips.

Mandatory Dues and Politicization of the Bar

Many lawyers do not wish to be members of State Bar of Arizona, yet the bar uses compulsory dues to oppose any measures seeking to make membership voluntary. Additionally, the mandatory bar dues fund activities that have no connection to the practice of law, putting lawyers who want the same First Amendment rights like everyone else in an awkward position.

The State Bar of Arizona and mandatory membership dues politicizes the legal profession, placing individuals who do not share their ideologies at significant risk. For example, the 24,000 attorneys who are members of the state bar have diverse beliefs, interests, and political views. Trying to speak for the entirety of its compulsory membership is practically impossible and unlawful.

The Solution

The Goldwater Institute has led the way in cutting burdensome bureaucratic red tape for thousands of licensed professionals in Arizona. They have filed a pair of petitions (here and here) with the Arizona Supreme Court urging the high court to amend its rules surrounding lawyer regulation, remove unnecessary burdens and fees and bolster constitutional rights.

Petition 1: Elimination of Non-Legal Activities by the State Bar of Arizona

The first petition asks the Arizona Supreme Court to amend the rules that fund political, ideological, and needless activities imposed by the State Bar of Arizona. This can be achieved by eliminating non-legal activities that are unrelated to regulating the legal profession.

The elimination of non-legal activities from the membership fee payments will help ensure that the State Bar of Arizona is strictly and exclusively in the administration business of legal regulations. This measure will help keep lawyers’ First Amendment rights in check, and they will no longer have to pay for non-legal activities that have no connection with the practice of law.

Petition 2: Easier Licensing for Lawyers from Other States

The second petition asks the Arizona Supreme Court to make it easier for attorneys who are licensed in other states to practice in Arizona. The current licensing process for lawyers moving to Arizona from a different state is costly, time-consuming, and ultimately increases the cost of legal services.

This measure contradicts the overall Arizona policy, as skilled professionals like engineers are required to obtain licenses, but they are not required to join any specific association when practicing as an engineer. Lawyers moving from other states do not forget how to practice law, and so, a less complicated licensing process will remove unnecessary barriers and ultimately turn out to be mutually beneficial to lawyers and the residents of Arizona.

The Final Words

The Goldwater Institute aims to help lawyers in Arizona enjoy the same economic freedom as all other skilled professionals. These proposed amendments will remove unnecessary burdens and fees, bolster constitutional rights and help enrich Arizona with competent lawyers. The increase in competent lawyers will increase the accessibility of legal services to all Arizonans.

Since 1988, the Goldwater Institute has been in the liberty business, defending and promoting freedom, and achieving more than 400 victories in all 50 states. The lawyers at Goldwater Institute defend individual rights and protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Help all Americans live freer, happier lives by joining the Goldwater Institute to defend and strengthen the freedom in all 50 states.

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