Drunk Driving Crashes Spike on Superbowl Sunday – North Forty News

Drunk Driving Crashes Spike on Superbowl Sunday - North Forty News

The Importance of Safe Driving Practices During Super Bowl


As the editor of an online legal journal with expert knowledge of the law, it is essential to remind everyone of safe driving practices surrounding alcohol and celebrations during the upcoming Superbowl. Whether you cheer for the San Francisco 49ers or Kansas City Chiefs, every Super Bowl party must kick off with a game plan that prevents drunk driving. The Superbowl is a time to celebrate and let loose, but unfortunately, it is also a time with an increased risk of drunk driving and DUI-related crashes.

Statistical Data

According to statistical data, on Superbowl Sunday, occurrences of drunk driving are 22% higher than any other typical Sunday. More than 13, 000 people are killed in drunk-driving crashes annually, and nearly one person is killed every 39 minutes. Fatalities in alcohol-impaired-driving crashes increased from 14% to 31% in recent years. On average, United States football fans consume approximately 325. 5 million gallons of beer on the last day of pro football season.

The No DUI Larimer Campaign

No DUI Larimer, a coalition and campaign born out of the need to address the problem of impaired driving in Larimer County and Northern Colorado, is working to prevent driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances. This project is a joint effort between law enforcement, government agencies, alcohol and cannabis retailers, local nonprofits, and community members to encourage the general public to “Make the Call” to end impaired driving.

Areas of Focus

The No DUI Larimer Steering Committee collaborates monthly to bring ideas and combine resources to end impaired driving together. Areas of focus for this group include:

  • A media campaign that increases the community’s understanding of its role in preventing drunk and drugged driving
  • Changing local conditions to promote responsible and safe driving
  • Integrating DWAI/DUI messaging with the promotion of local dining and drinking to be responsive to the climate of businesses post-COVID-19
  • Collaborating with law enforcement efforts and agencies and formalizing county-wide collaboration
  • Using GIS mapping for strategic planning of enforcement and integration with a public messaging campaign

The Goal

The goal of the No DUI campaign is to reduce the number of DUI/DWI-related crashes with the age group of males, ages 21-34, tend to have the highest number of drivers involved in DUI/DWI crashes with a BAC at or above legal intoxication levels. No DUI encourages all citizens to remain vigilant and plan when consuming alcohol. If you are the designated driver, commit to 100% sobriety to keep you, your friends, and your family safe. If you see an impaired driver on the road, please “Make the Call” and contact local law enforcement (911) immediately. Remember if you feel different, you drive different.


To conclude, it is crucial to practice safe driving practices during the Superbowl. The No DUI Larimer campaign is working hard to prevent driving under the influence, and we encourage everyone to be responsible and not risk getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. Together, we can make the roads safer and prevent unnecessary accidents that can have catastrophic consequences.

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