Drug trafficking suspects can’t fool K-9 team in April Fool’s Day stop on I-70

Deputies working with the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office and Gore Range Narcotics Interdiction Team say they seized a large amount of drugs Thursday morning after stopping two vehicles for speeding and lane violations on Interstate 70, and determined both vehicles were traveling together.

Stopped near Gypsum at about 10 a.m., the drivers of both vehicles gave deputies permission to search their cars, and a K-9 alerted to one of the vehicles. Deputies located and seized approximately 21 pounds of suspected methamphetamine, 2.2 pounds of suspected heroin and 0.25 pounds of suspected fentanyl pills, according to the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

Two suspects were arrested in the incident: Iran Obed Torres, 19, of Phoenix, Arizona, and Guadalupe Valdez Jr., 21, of Tolleson, Arizona.

Torres faces preliminary charges of three counts of unlawful distribution of a schedule 1 or 2 controlled substance, a class 1 drug felony; three counts of unlawful possession of a schedule 1 or 2 controlled substance, a class 4 drug felony; and 3 counts of a special offender sentencing enhancement, a class 1 drug felony.

Valdez faces the same preliminary charges, as well as one count of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.

Thursday’s seizure on April Fool’s Day marks the second large drug bust on Interstate 70 in Eagle County in less than a month — and the second on a holiday.

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The High Cost of a Drug Conviction in Arizona

Your situation can feel desperate when you are going up against the full force of the criminal justice system. Prosecutors will immediately work to build a case that will lead to your conviction. The penalties can be extremely severe and drastically change your life for the worse.

In Fact, a felony conviction can lead to 2-10 years in prison, depending on the severity of the charge. Then there’s parole, probation, heavy fines and a conviction on your criminal record that could make it nearly impossible to secure a good job.

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Possible defenses for your drug possession case

When you have a highly-skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney like Arja Shah representing you, you can be sure that she will be able to come up with a defense that will apply to your drug possession case should you decide to enter a not guilty plea. Some of those defenses include:

  • “”Not My Drugs””
  • Claim Unlawful Search and Seizure
  • Police Plants the Drugs
  • Get The Drugs Analyzed in a Lab
  • Drugs are Lost

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