CCSO Deputy Arrested for Suspicion of DUI While on Duty – Clay Today

CCSO Deputy Arrested for Suspicion of DUI While on Duty - Clay Today

Deputy Arrested for DUI While on Duty

A deputy from the Clay County Sheriff’s Office was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol while on duty. The incident occurred on Friday, Dec. 1, when Deputy Austin Leonard Wiser was involved in a rear-end vehicle collision at the intersection of County Road 218 and Blanding Boulevard. Following the collision, an on-duty CCSO supervisor became concerned about possible signs of impairment and contacted the Florida Highway Patrol to conduct an impartial investigation. FHP responded to the scene to manage the accident and the DUI investigation. Wiser was booked at the Clay County Jail for driving under the influence, and he has been terminated from his position as a seven-year veteran of the CCSO.

Commitment to High Standards and Community Trust

Sheriff Michelle Cook emphasized that the Clay County Sheriff’s Office holds its personnel to the highest standards, and any violation of the law is taken seriously. Maintaining the trust of the community is a top priority, and appropriate action will be taken following the conclusion of the investigation. This incident highlights the importance of enforcing strict rules and regulations within law enforcement agencies to protect public safety and uphold the integrity of the justice system.

Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in Orange Park

The town of Orange Park held its annual ceremony for Christmas tree lighting at Town Hall Park. The event was filled with festivities and lasted for over an hour, featuring free hot cocoa, cookies, and children singing carols. The spirit of the season was in full swing, and the community came together to celebrate. Events like this provide an opportunity for people to connect and bond through shared experiences, adding to the quality of life in the community.

Drunk Hunting on Private Property

A 58-year-old man was arrested by the Clay County Sheriff’s Office on Dec. 3 for being drunk while hunting on private property. Robert Francis Ayers of Lake Asbury was charged with reckless hunting and hunting under the influence. The illegal activity posed a danger to both Ayers and anyone else in the vicinity. The incident serves as a reminder that alcohol consumption and hunting do not mix, and it is imperative to follow hunting regulations for safety and conservation purposes.

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