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  • Landscape Lighting

    Landscape Lighting Designs Made Easy

    LEDs are the future of landscape lighting and are becoming the standard lamp in the industry. There seems to be a lot of talk lately about the performance of LED lighting and its potential for the landscape, but also about its limits. [Sources: 1, 5] If you want an outdoor lighting option to beautify your […] More

  • Zen Gardens

    Create A Simple Zen Garden To Relax Your Mind

    This Zen garden tutorial of thirst tea is a simple basis on which you can capture your mind and convey the tranquility of plants and nature. This Zen Desktop Garden Set is designed to create a little treat for your home or office. It can mimic the Japanese landscaping found in a full-size Zen garden, […] More

  • Cottage Gardens

    How To Create A Cottage Garden

    I decided to explore the idea of creating a native cottage garden using South African plants. South African plants interspersed with a variety of herbs, spices, herbs and spices such as thyme, chamomile, lavender, mint and chives. [Sources: 10] Vegetables and crops are also a feature of traditional hut gardens, and in fact the hut […] More

  • Stone Garden Walkways

    Creating A Whimsical Garden Walkway

    As a landscape designer, I know garden paths, but not so much how they work as how to design a garden. [Sources: 2] There are many ways to create the perfect garden path, but there are two types of stepping stones on which I like to walk barefoot. Gravel can be used for the production […] More

  • Autumn Porch Decorations

    Autumn Porch Decoration Tips & Ideas

    When you come into fall, it’s time to think about how to decorate your porch to welcome seasonal guests. Now is the perfect time for you to bring a little coziness to the front gardens and outdoor areas. [Sources: 3, 4] In this autumn decoration idea, you can shower your laundry baskets and planters with […] More

  • Autumn Gardens

    Autumn Garden Design Ideas

    When most people think of gardening, they immediately think of spring planting, summer and autumn harvesting. Knowing your plants, designing a garden for autumn is not much different from planning your wardrobe for autumn. All you need to do to select plants for spring and summer is to check which plants the autumn foliage is […] More