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  • Rustic Timber Frame Pergola

    Tips to Build a Rustic Timber Pergola

    If you’re looking for inspiration for how to build a Rustic Timber Pergola in your yard, you have several options. The Internet has many online sources that are dedicated to offering plans, blueprints and kits for building woodworking projects. If you don’t mind spending some time on the Internet to get a few tips and […] More

  • Oregonlive In A Small Yard The Pond Grew To Fit The Koi17d19b87a764d346be56813ba012bdd3

    Build A Pergola To Expand Outdoor Living Space

    If you are building a pergola in your yard or hiring a landscaper to build one for you, here are three questions to ask before you start. Before you select building materials and start to furnish your pergsola, you must take into account the space available in the courtyard. If you have your potential per […] More

  • Garden Arbors Design No 12937

    Garden Arbor Design Ideas

    How do you decorate your garden customers with a distinctive gazebo or pergola structure, and how can your horticultural team attach plants and vines to the structure (s) to lend even more interest to this unique garden focus? Garden gazebos are commonly used as access points to partitions and hedges, or they also embed a […] More

  • Garden Arbors Design No 12937

    Garden Arbors To Make Your Garden More Beautiful

    What You Can Do To Improve Your Landscaping using Garden Arbor Everyone that owns a home wants to take pride in it. When a home looks like it hasn’t been kept up with properly, it can really be hard to be proud of it. Thankfully, with landscaping, you can turn your home from just a […] More